Denture Care & FAQs

What Should Be Done To Care For A Denture?

  • Daily brushing with a large brush will help preserve the denture in optimal condition for a long time.
  • Care for the remaining teeth is essential to keep a partial denture fitting well. Your partial will only be as good as your natural teeth. If your natural teeth are neglected, your partial will not fit as well.
  • Repair spots that show signs of failure. It is always easier to fix a small problem than a large problem. If your denture starts breaking down, it should be repaired.
  • Do not wear dentures at night. Your gums need a chance to breathe. Covering the gums at night will lead to gum swelling and inflammation.
  • Wear your dentures. People who go for long periods without wearing their dentures will find that they often don't fit as well afterwards. This is because the gums change shape and the other teeth might move. Also, the tongue gets larger in a person who doesn't wear dentures for a long time.
  • Let us adjust them when needed. Your dentures should fit comfortably and work reasonably well. If you have any concerns, be sure to let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Dentures

How do dentures help you?

When modern dentistry cannot save your natural teeth, dentures from Advara Dental & Dentures provide an attractive, affordable alternative that will recreate the look of your natural teeth.

Why are dentures a good substitute for natural teeth?

Once you are used to them, dentures can help you maintain your smile and allow you to eat naturally while retaining your bite.

Dentures are expensive. How do I know I'm getting a good price?

Because dentures provide a sense of confidence, freedom, and comfort, they are a worthwhile investment in your health and self-esteem. Advara Dental & Dentures offers several models of dentures that allow you to find the ones that will serve you well within you budget. Our consultants will explain the differences in detail so you know exactly what you are getting.

How long will dentures last?

Because dentures can wear down from usage and become stained from eating, drinking, and smoking, you will need to replace them every 5 to 7 years. In addition, your mouth and bone structure can change, which affects the fit. You should see your dentist to have your dentures checked, relined, and adjusted annually or if they begin to irritate you.

Will dentures affect how I look?

Your dentures from Advara Dental & Dentures are custom-crafted to give you the best look and feel. Before you get your final dentures, we do a "try-in" that positions the teeth in wax to see how they will look. The dentist can adjust the appearance and fit so that the final product is exactly the way you want it. Once you receive your finished dentures, you will be thrilled with your softened facial lines and beautiful smile.

Will dentures affect my speech?

At first you might notice slight difference in your speech until you become used to having something in your mouth. You can practice by reading out loud.

How quickly will I adjust to dentures?

Many people find that it is hard to adjust to having something permanently in the mouth. You may produce an excess of saliva and your dentures may seem too big. With a week, the dentures feel more natural in your mouth as your facial muscles and oral tissues adjust.

How do I clean my dentures?

Cleaning your dentures after every meal will remove stains and bacteria from them. To prevent dropping them on a hard surface, you should clean them over a soft cloth or towel. Just grasp them gently between your thumb and fingers and gently brush away food particles and germs with denture cleaner (or soap), a denture brush and lukewarm water.

Should I remove my dentures at night?

Many dentists suggest letting your gums and oral tissues rest by removing your dentures at night. Your Advara dentist will tell you whether this is the best option for you and offer tips on how to care for your dentures.

Am I able to use store-bought liners?

Proper dental reliners can help your dentures retain their fit, but store-bought ones can damage your mouth and your dentures. Our on-site dental lab can properly realign your dentures while you wait. Relines are free with our WorryFree dentures.

Are dentures the best solution for missing teeth?

Dentures are an economical solution to replacing missing teeth, but are one of several alternatives. We will discuss the options with you when you come in for a consultation.