Our Denture Warranty

Denture Warranty Info

Advara Dental & Dentures provides many affordable options for full and partial dentures. All the denture products we sell come with warranties. Contact our Harrisburg office for an appointment, where our dental specialist will present you with the options so you can choose the best denture for your budget.

Denture Warranties:

  • WorryFree Dentures: 7-Year Warranty**
  • NatureFit Dentures: 5-Year Warranty*
  • Classic Dentures: 2-Year Warranty*
  • Economy Dentures: 6-Month Warranty*

Partial Warranties:

  • FlexiFit-Cast Partial: 5-Year Warranty*
  • FlexiFit Partial: 3-Year Warranty*
  • Cast Partial: 3-Year Warranty*