Our Services

We are so thankful for the patients who’ve trusted us to restore their smiles, their confidence and their life. Our treatment plans are customized for you with services delivered in a safe, compassionate and judgement-free environment.

In-office care is an essential component of maintaining your long-term oral health. As an established dental office in Harrisburg, PA, Advara Dental & Dentures offers patients a variety of dentistry services designed to treat and preserve the teeth and gums.

Thanks to advances in dental technology, today's dentures are more comfortable than ever before. If you're in need of dentures, come to Advara Dental & Dentures.

After tooth loss, due to extractions, accidents, or disease, dental implants can replace your natural teeth with an artificial tooth root in your jaw topped by a crown.

Experience the freedom of SnapFit Mini Dentures Implant System. The SnapFit system we offer is not only simple to use, but is affordable too.

When you are experiencing issues with your dentures it is important for you to not delay in getting the assistance you require. Advara Dental & Dentures makes it easy for our patients to receive the help they need with our high-quality denture repair service in Harrisburg, PA.

If you're in need of partial dentures, come to Advara Dental & Dentures. As an established dental practice in Harrisburg, PA, our goal is to provide you with partial dentures that function and feel like your regular teeth.

At the worst time possible dental emergencies seem to happen and when they do Advara Dental will be here to help immediately.

At Advara Dental & Dentures in Harrisburg, PA, we make every attempt to treat your teeth and remedy any dental malady you're facing. But if the damage to your teeth is extensive, then it may be necessary to extract one or more teeth in order to maintain dental health.